Preaching Jesus Without Anti-Semitic Bias in 2023

A practical webinar in preparation for Lent 2023
February 10 from 12:15-1:00 pm

Walking with Jesus through the season of Lent 2023 invites preachers and audiences to proclaim the message of death and resurrection through the passion narratives in the gospels of John and Matthew. Yet, in a time of blatant anti-Semitism in the US, how might preachers handle the anti-Jewish undertones in the passion narratives? Can preachers avoid implicitly stereotyping contemporary Judaism, for instance, when reading about the Pharisees in John 9 or the wonderful passion narratives in Matthew 26 and 27 that are informed by polemics against the Jewish authorities at the time?

Through a look at selected texts from this season of Lent, a contemporary Jewish and a Christian perspective on preaching without anti-Semitic bias provides answers to one of the preacher’s constantly tantalizing challenge.

Rabbi Anna Levin Rosen, Director of University of Chicago Hillel and Dr. Barbara Rossing, NT professor at LSTC will lead the workshop, with Pastor (TBD) as moderator.


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