Seminary Life

Seminary friendship and life at LSTC

We are students from over 30+ synods of the ELCA every year, from various denominations and religious traditions, from places throughout the world.

We are a diverse faculty that includes experts in the fields of Bible, history, ministry, theology, ethics and more.

We are a staff committed to the school and neighborhood, many of whom live in close proximity to the seminary.

We build community together in a variety of ways and through all our beautiful diversity, God continues to make us one body.

To build community in any place takes commitment. Community life is a deep value at LSTC. There are many ways in which students take leadership in creating meaningful community life both institutionally and informally.

We are a community that fosters dialog around complex issues, serves our neighbors and creates opportunities for rest and fun.

We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) seminary. Read our RIC statement here.

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