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Forming Visionary Leaders to Change the World

Campaign logo, text reads: Re-Imagine, Re-Invent, Re-Affirm, & Re-New – The Campaign for LSTC

LSTC is a seminary in motion. We are reimagining, reinventing, reaffirming, and renewing our institution in response to the changing times. This campaign ensures that our commitment to producing visionary leaders will continue into the next century.

Your gift will support LSTC as we re-imagine our home in our new location on the 4th floor of CTU, re-invent opportunities for distance-learning and integrated technology, re-affirm our students’ access to scholarships and other academic opportunities, and renew our investments in the centers and initiatives that make our seminary special.

We can’t do it alone. Your support ensures the success of LSTC for generations to come.

The Impact of your Gift


Your financial support will help create our new home

As LSTC embarks on a historic move to the fourth floor of the CTU campus, we are coming together in community in a space designed to meet the needs of a twenty-first century seminary. From elevated technology that supports distance learning and online ministry to spaces dedicated to fellowship, worship, and collaboration, our new home has it all. Your gift ensures that this new space will continue to reflect the values of our institution and help us move forward together in Christ-centered leadership.

Through the Campaign, our new home presents several opportunities for individuals and families to make a significant impact in the future of the seminary and name a space that may have particular meaning for them. This includes the new chapel, main classrooms, faculty or administrative offices, and our gathering or study spaces.

Please contact  John Damer, Senior Director for Advancement, 773-256-0699, to learn more.

Communion conducted in the Augustana Chapel during 2022's Homecoming


Together, we can re-invent the way we reach students and make the LSTC experience more accessible

In these dynamic times, your support is more important than ever. LSTC is evolving as we meet the needs our aspiring students who can now learn in new ways and from almost anywhere. It is imperative that we respond to and embrace the reality that many of the talented, diverse set of leaders we need to train for the future of the church will not be able to uproot to Chicago to experience what LSTC offers.  As we embark on this next step of our journey, we are re-inventing our academic offerings where students can include in-person, hybrid, and distance learning options to fully engage in the seminary experience. Help us extend our reach to students from a variety of contexts across the country and the globe. Your gift will ensure that LSTC is able to deploy the necessary staff, faculty, and technology to support these efforts.

Students impacted by our scholarships, from left to right: Char Laywa, Sharei Green, and Trenton Ormsbee-Hale

Read about our scholarships and their impact on students.


Re-affirm your commitment to scholarships

LSTC is re-affirming our commitment to being Christ-centered, responsive to our context, attentive to diversity, and committed to excellence. We are also re-affirming our commitment to our students, who bring these values to bear on the world.

Because of gifts like yours, LSTC students transform their communities and become leaders in faith. There are countless more students who can make differences in their communities just as crucial to the success of our ever-changing world. You can be the one that makes their potential a reality.

Dr. Linda Thomas speaking at a podium during an LSTC event


Your support of LSTC centers and initiatives

By supporting LSTC’s centers and initiatives, you can renew your longstanding commitment to interfaith relations, intersectionality, creation care, stewardship, and the dialogue between religion and science.

The Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice, the Pero Center for Intersectionality Studies, and the Zygon Center for Religion and Science – working distinctively and together – invite timely conversation between church and the world. With your help, they can do more and extend the impact of their work.

Today, our world longs for leaders trained in strategic planning, nonprofit finance, community organizing, conflict transformation, and sound management – the skills necessary for successful ministry. Through the Leadership Initiative, the new Damm Chair in Leadership will develop theologically grounded leadership training for pastors, nonprofit leaders, and students. We aim to prepare our graduates to implement leadership strategies for diverse settings in ways that generate real-world improvement.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Headshots of the LSTC Advancement Team, from left to right: John Damer, Jessica Houston, Peter J. Iversen, and Jennifer Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

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