Rest & Restoration Sessions

A day of Rest and Restoration, for those fatigued by the stress of justice work, will be hosted on Friday, Feb. 17th. Beginning at 10:00 am and running throughout the day, 60-minute sessions will be facilitated encouraging rest and restoration, including Yoga, Zumba, and a Spiritual Soak. All these events will be held in-person on the LSTC campus.


Hatha YOGA focuses on matching movement with breath, flowing from one pose to another. Participants will focus on building flexibility, tone, balance and strength. We will participate active breathing while holding poses that strengthen and tone muscles. The session will begin with gentle seated exercises, and then move into a series of standing positions. Several options will be offered to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners. No prior yoga experience necessary. Participants MUST bring a yoga mat, or a large towel.

Yoga Instructor Janèe Powell is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, a certified Kemetic Yogi, and diligent Yoga Therapist with a special interest in mental balance, PTD, and women’s health.   Janèe is heavily involved with Community Wellness Development, and Holistic Health Promotions.


Zumba is a fun, energetic dance-wellness class based on rhythms such as salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia that increase your blood circulation and joy in community. No previous dance experience is necessary, and Zumba provides opportunity for participants to listen to their body and respond with rest, adaptations, hydration, and moments to catch one´s breath when needed. Each 45-minute class begins with a warm-up, move to alternating between high and low intensity songs, and finish each class with a cool-down and stretching. Participants are asked to bring water, and wear comfortable clothing.

Instructor Krystle Moraska has been a licensed Zumba instructor since March 2021. Moraska was searching for ways to safely share in community with others during the pandemic and found Zumba. Since that time, she has continued to offer indoor, outdoor and Zoom Zumba to the LSTC community.

Spiritual Soak

What is a Soaking?
Soaking is simply spending time in God’s presence, rather than striving. It’s about resting in His Presence, experiencing Him and choosing to be intimate with Him. God desires that we would know Him. Although “soaking” includes waiting on the Lord, in this present move of the Spirit it means much more than that. To “soak” in God’s presence is to rest in His love rather than to “strive” in prayer. As the believer soaks in God’s presence, the Lord takes control and begins to draw his/her attention. There is a deep need in every one of us to be close to God. Your life will be changed as you encounter Him.

An intimate calm environment is created for each session.   The 60-minute event will include two 20-minute soak sessions with breaks in between for reflections and discussions. Participants will be provided journals to record their dialogue with God. Prayer Ministry will be provided as the Holy Spirit leads. A blanket or yoga mat is necessary and a pillow.

Benefits include:
Soaking Fosters Intimacy with God
Soaking Facilitates Encounter with God.
Soaking Allows the Prophetic Ministry of the Spirit to Flow
Soaking Provides Replenishment

Dr. Jean Jones

Facilitator and Originator of Soaking is Dr. Jean Jones. She is the founder of Glory Light Ministries and serves as an Elder at the historic mega-church Fellowship Chicago and Director of Fellowship’s Bible Academy. Affectionately known as RED (Reverend Elder Dr.), Dr. Jones successfully inspires and equips believers to walk in their God given callings and authority. It was out of this calling that she developed transformative soaks which allows participants to physically and mentally relax in God’s Presence, while helping to relieve stress, pressure and anxiety.


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