LSTC Learning Communities

What are Learning Communities?

The LSTC Learning Communities is a series of theological education programs, hosted in the spring and fall of each year, that were developed to enhance lay theological education, enrich parish learning programs, and build a stronger relationship between the seminary and its constituent congregations.

In 2023-2024, we are looking forward to sessions guided by Pastor Wayne N. Miller (Retired Bishop), Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA; Dr. Linda Thomas, Professor of Theology and Anthropology at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago; and Dr. Benjamin Stewart, Gordon A. Braatz Associate Professor of Worship.

We welcome you to join us in these lectures!

You can find out more about LSTC’s Learning Communities here.

How Can I Support LSTC Learning Communities?

As we continue the development of Learning Communities, your support is essential to reach the full potential of the program. The next phase of development includes:

  • Expanding the breadth of the course offerings
  • Improving the “delivery system” to make the classes more accessible and to allow sufficient time for interactive learning
  • Scaling the program so that it can easily expand to more networks and more congregations
  • Establishing a financial support structure that will fund the program without making it prohibitively expensive

For the past two years the Learning Communities have been largely funded by a small group of “underwriters.” Over the next two years we would like the Learning Communities to become fully self-funding and more significantly, potentially contributing to a scholarship fund for future seminarians and LSTC students. To realize this vision, we humbly request that you become a subscriber to LSTC Learning Communities by making a 3 year $100/year contribution. As a token of our appreciation we will send you an LSTC background that you can proudly display during your next Zoom session.

Please use the form below to make your pledge online. To view instructions for mailing a check or other ways to donate, visit this page.

For more information on Learning Communities at LSTC, please visit our facebook page here.

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