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For more information about worship at LSTC, contact:
Erik Christensen, Pastor to the Community and Director of Worship

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Worship and music are central to life at LSTC. In and through worship and music, we individually and corporately encounter, experience, and celebrate the God to whom the rest of our intellectual, contextual, spiritual, communal, and ministerial activity is directed.

God founds our lives and our community on God's Word, which reveals our need of God's grace and freely offers that grace. God nourishes us in the meal, where we experience now the fulfillment of God's reign, to which God continues to draw us and all that is. Finally, God sends us to live as Christ's body in the world. Through worship, the church witnesses to and is drawn into God's own purpose of reconciling the world to God's own self. Worship is the way God gathers people to witness to and participate in God's work of reconciliation.

In its Mission Statement on Worship, LSTC claims its identity as the Church of Jesus Christ, sustained by the Word and sacraments of the Church in the power of the Spirit. LSTC's worship seeks to be catholic, contextual, inclusive and confessionally Lutheran. Planned by the community itself, it incorporates the diversity of gifts and people in the seminary community.

Each week a different group of students, faculty and staff plan and lead worship.

LSTC's Roby Chapel, located on the second floor off the Grand Hallway, provides space for individual prayer and meditation and small group worship.

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