LSTC Announces 33rd Annual Gospel Choir Benefit Concert

The LSTC Gospel Choir singing two rows deep in the Augustana Chapel

This year’s April 16th concert honors gospel artist Percy Gray and recipients of the Grover Wright Scholarship and the Rev. Carole A. Burns Scholarship.

Join us in praise on Sunday, April 16th at 4pm in Augustana Chapel for the 33rd annual LSTC Gospel Choir Benefit Concert. This year’s theme, God Is My Everything, will bring the LSTC community together in joyful celebration, with a meal to follow.  

Under the direction of Dr. Keith “Doc” Hampton, the concert will feature award- winning gospel composer and producer Percy Gray and will recognize recipients of the Grover Wright Scholarship, established in 1994 to support the education of students of color, and the Rev. Carole A. Burns Scholarship, created in 2004 to support African American women pursuing ministry.  

We are also delighted to announce that this year’s concert will, for the first time, be filmed for public broadcast this upcoming September; this is truly an opportunity to be a part of a unique performance. 

The LSTC Gospel Choir headlines the concert this year sharing musical selections written by Percy Gray. With an alumni base of over 300 and an illustrious history that has included tours of Tanzania and South Africa, the LSTC Gospel Choir has been honored to make its mark in service of LSTC’s global mission.  If you wish to support the Grover Wright Scholarship Fund or the Rev. Carole A. Burns Scholarship Fund, you can click the donate button below or contact Alumni and Congregational Engagement Officer Jessica Houston at jhouston@lstc.edu.


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