LSTC Feature: Erik Boss strives to be “exceedingly patient through understanding”

November 20, 2020

Erik (they/them/their, pictured with wife, L), a first-year MDiv student, is on a spiritual journey and glad to be continuing that journey at LSTC. Erik comes to seminary from Colorado and Wyoming, graduating from MSU Denver with a double major in psychology and human development. In 2011 they graduated from Laramie (Wyo.) High School.

Erik, whose home congregation is Bethany Lutheran in Centennial, Colo., competed on the cross country and track teams for five years (2011-2016), but prefers Nordic skiing, alpine skiing and hiking over running. “But I like putting on a lightweight backpack and running through (and up) the mountains. If I had the option, I would camp around the world.”

Erik’s says their spiritual journey been just that, “a journey.”

“I don’t like to conform to social norms and when I realized that my church expected that I abide by their rules, which seemed unfair and un-inclusive, I turned away from Christianity and what I believed it represented. The reality is that my perspective at that time is shared by many, and this has created an us vs. them dichotomy that most Christians I have encountered tend to identify with.”

Erik is grateful LSTC teaches an inclusiveness of God, and that the seminary is helping them explore and question the rules/social norms Erik once turned away from.

Erik feels joy at learning the complexities of the Bible, but is missing the open dialogue that meeting in person might allow. Teachers are doing a great job sharing what they know, but Erik yearns for more feedback from students.

“I imagine Plato and Aristotle, forming and developing their perspectives and ideas based on the dialogue between them and their students… My journey is far from over.”


Julie Sevig

Content and Social Media Manager


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