Bicyclists and pedestrians commuting outside LSTC

Reflections from the Past

As we transition to our new location, we’ve been thinking about the wonderful times shared together at LSTC. Through conversations, events, and stories, we are reflecting on the past to make meaning of the lessons learned as we gear-up for the next thrilling stage of our life together as a seminary. 

Watch the video: “LSTC: A Seminary in Motion”

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READ Letters and Stories from LSTC Faculty, Staff, And Alumni

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LSTC Historical Photos

LSTC Art Auction May 11 -18

LSTC is a seminary in motion. We are reimaging, reinventing, reaffirming, and renewing our institution in response to the changing times.

All proceeds from the auction will go directly to reaffirming our students’ access to scholarships and other academic opportunities.

Our New Home

The design phase for the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago’s (LSTC) new building location is now complete.

Renovation at our new seminary home on the 4th floor of the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) is scheduled to begin this spring.

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