LSTC’s Reparations Initiative

Phase One

Understanding the Work of the Reparations Task Force

At a meeting of the LSTC Board of Directors in February 2023, President James Nieman expressed his aspirations and unwavering commitment to address historical injustices of the past by laying out his plan for how reparations could intersect with the sale and relocation of LSTC’s building. During this meeting, Nieman proposed the formation of a dedicated task force led by the board, which became official this past spring when the Executive Committee of the LSTC Board of Directors established a Reparations Task Force to examine and propose a reparations plan in the wake of the seminary’s sale of its building at 1100 E 55th Street. 

Since its inception, the task force has been working diligently, meeting regularly, and conducting in-depth research to craft a multifaceted plan that addresses historical injustices, fosters healing, and lays the foundation for a more equitable and inclusive future. Upon completion of the proposal, the Task Force will submit the report to the Board of Directors for adoption later this year. 

In a recent discussion with the task force, team members shared an update on what they’ve learned through their research and discussions while offering an insightful glimpse of how they see their proposal taking shape. They spoke about the invaluable lessons they’ve learned while gathering the threads of history and beginning to shape a vision for redress. 

The team includes President James Nieman as support staff and board members Morgan Gates, Terry Goff, Greg Lewis, and Kristi Ferguson.

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