Constancy in Change: LSTC

A poem by: Rev. Dr. Arthur Turfa

A view of the Chicago skyline across Lake Michigan from Promontory Point in Hyde Park

From the Upper Peninsula and the
Mississippi Valley they came, also

from the Prairies and West Addison Street,
with libraries in languages of their

ancestors, vestments, and the memories
of all those places. Unity inspired

a new seminary in the shadow
of a university. Modern was

its design, a monument to progress.
For three score years part of a constellation

burning bright along the lake and inland.
First came I in 79’s blizzard,

others found their refuge somewhat later.
Gradually the halls and classrooms grew

quieter; the next move was towards the lake.
Permanency does not consist of a

structure spreading across some city blocks
but in what once was taken to that place

and from there rippling around the globe
as waters from that lake to the others.

Rev. Dr. Arthur Turfa

About Arthur Turfa

Rev. Dr. Arthur Turfa is an LSTC alum, writer and poet, and the Interim Pastor at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Columbia, South Carolina.

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