Craig Mueller shares his ‘My LSTC story’

Craig Mueller

I chose to attend LSTC because of the Seminex faculty who had arrived one year before. LSTC was a great match for my interests in church music and liturgy. I have fond memories of several LSTC choir tours and other special concerts. In chapel I was able to not only sing but play my trumpet in a brass group made up of other students.

Since then I have had the joy of serving as supervisor to 40 Ministry in Context students and to provide leadership in the spiritual formation program. 

I’m grateful for the ministerial formation I received at LSTC and am delighted that my congregation and I can be part of that same process for pastors preparing for ordained ministry in the church.

“LSTC is a bridge between church and world. It was true when I was a student several decades ago and it continues today with the seminary’s Public Church curriculum.”

Craig is lead pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chicago.

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