LSTC Student Spotlight 2023

Portrait of Hannah Peterson

Hannah Peterson

Master of Divinity
Hamilton, Montana

What made you choose LSTC? 

I chose LSTC for its intentional community and action focus. I knew I’d be moving to Chicago with my partner, and it was important to me that I become involved in the local community – being a student at LSTC both allows me the physical presence to do that, and also pushes and encourages me to do so through programming and coursework.

What people and communities helped you to get here?

My member church, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Logan Square, supports me spiritually, and as I go through the Word and Sacrament candidacy process in the Metro Chicago Synod. My parents and grandparents (dad’s side) are pastors in western Washington, my grandma was one of the first women ordained in the ELCA. I am grateful for the support of my family as I’ve explored life since leaving home. I am grateful also for the support and care of my partner. Today I’m thinking of the trees and other beings that give us oxygen and shade.

What do you hope to learn during your time at LSTC? 

I hope to learn so much during my time at LSTC! I am excited to learn the ways the Holy has moved through history and to practice being a witness in the world.

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