Liz Kuster: ‘Glad to be on this journey within this community’

Liz Kuster

Liz Kuster comes to LSTC from Bettendorf, Iowa, right on the Mississippi River in Eastern Iowa. A member of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, she was drawn to LSTC by the sense of community.

“Even in difficult situations, the student body seemed to rally together to support one another,” she said. “Even in a time of social distancing and Zoom-everything, I feel integrated into this community because of the intentionality of students reaching out to one another.” 

In her first-year profile provided to Admissions, Liz said she has in the last several years become “incessantly curious” about the world around her, eager to explore, travel and learn as much as she can.

“I love being challenged and embracing the hard work and growth that accompanies those challenges. I hold dear to my heart the lost art of storytelling; language and words are a critical form of expressing and communicating for me, and I find myself writing often. Authenticity is one of my core values.

Seminary and online learning have been overwhelming in every sense and emotion, she said, both welcome and unwelcome. “That being said, I am still so glad to be here on this journey within this community.” 

Liz is serving as the Master Student Association treasurer, enjoys being outside and exercising, cooking good, healthy food, and is a huge fan of classic films. 

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