LSTC Graduate Spotlight 2024

Headshot of Liz Kuster

Liz Kuster

Master of Divinity

What is your favorite memory of your time at LSTC?

Spending time with fellow seminarians. Taking road trips, making dinner together, walking to the lake… So much community building happened in just doing life together—as well as a lot of casually deep theological conversations.

What was the most meaningful class you took?

I am happy to say that there are too many options to list. However, the field education portion of Ministry in Context was hands down the most meaningful in terms of relationships formed and personal growth that happened. What I learned from Holy Trinity Lakeview/The Loop will always stay with me.

How did you feel supported during your seminary journey? Were you the recipient of any major scholarships? What communities or people uplifted you during your studies?

I don’t think I would have been able to come to seminary had it not been for the scholarships available to me, my home congregation, St. Paul Lutheran Church, as well as the support from my family and dear family friends. I’ve received so many books, words of affirmation, nuggets of wisdom, and yummy meals from these communities of people!

What are your post-graduation plans?

While I do not have a first call site yet, I envision a place where I can offer pastoral care and grow in my preaching. Aside from first call discernment, post-graduation looks like doing some traveling with my fiancé and planning our wedding for next fall.

How did LSTC shape you as a future leader of the public church?

LSTC helped center me in the importance of living as community in a very intentional, yet organic way. The only way to be church is to live it out in real time. And it will be the support system of peers, colleagues, and friends that I have made here that will help me remember that throughout the life of ministry ahead of me.

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