LSTC Student Spotlight 2023

Portrait of Lucas Fiet

Lucas Fiet

Master of Arts
Knoxville, Tennessee

What made you choose LSTC? 

My undergraduate degree was in religious studies, and while I loved the program, it was at a public university. I wanted to continue my studies somewhere where I could combine rigorous academic approaches with personal, spiritual appreciation for the material. LSTC, with its long history of relationships with other seminaries in the area, seemed like a great place to hear a lot of perspectives and meet like-minded people! I already had a few friends living in Chicago and loving it, so I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and experience somewhere really different from my hometown while I continued my education.

What people and communities helped you to get here?

The main community that helped me get to LSTC was the campus ministry I was involved with during my undergraduate degree. Tyson House, the Lutheran/Episcopalian student ministry at the University of Tennessee, is where I met some great spiritual mentors who encouraged me to participate in liturgy, preach, and lead in all kinds of new ways. It was a safe place to ask big questions, and I learned so much about myself and about God, all while making some lifelong friends.

What do you hope to learn during your time at LSTC? 

I am really excited to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible by learning Hebrew and Greek. I especially love studying the early church and its relationship with the existing culture and communities in late antiquity. I also am really passionate about LGBTQ inclusion, and would love to learn about how the church is working to create increasingly welcoming and safe spaces.

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