LSTC Graduate Spotlight 2024

Headshot of Mark LaChonce

Mark LaChonce

Doctor of Philosophy

What is your favorite memory of your time at LSTC?

Times of conversation with other students, especially our many international students.

What was the most meaningful class you took?

Desert Discipleship, because of the stimulating conversations with classmates.

How did you feel supported during your seminary journey? Were you the recipient of any major scholarships? What communities or people uplifted you during your studies?

I received a substantial gift of financial aid to assist with my studies. I felt especially uplifted by Sara Trumm and the donors who give to CCME.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am exploring ministry options that include empowering and equipping leaders in the Global South and those from North America who intend to work with them as partners.

How did LSTC shape you as a future leader of the public church?

In addition to the tools of scholarship that I gained, I also learned ministry approaches centered on justice, peace and sensitivity to all people.

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