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Phillip Potaczek smiling over his shoulder

Phillip Potaczek and his husband are both “rural kids,” so living and studying in the city is an adjustment for them. His home congregation of Emmanuel Lutheran in Rockford, Ill., candidacy committee and bishop encouraged him to check out LSTC.

Although he felt the call to ministry as a teenager, he was a teacher before coming to seminary. He has a BA in theology and a master’s in teaching. As a Christian who is gay, he didn’t have community for so long. Here, he can be his authentic self.

“I was attracted by the spirituality of this place. When I saw the chapel windows open to the world, I got that church is about ministry in the world. We are contemplatives in action.”

Phillip is also a Brother in the Ecumenical Order of Charity. “I begin my candidacy and seminary experience at LSTC with an open mind and a discerning heart,” he said.

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