LSTC Graduate Spotlight 2024

Headshot of Melissa Dailey

Melissa Dailey

Master of Divinity

What is your favorite memory of your time at LSTC?

I have found some of my best friends at LSTC. My best friends and I had a lot of fun hanging out and studying at places like Starbucks, Fairgrounds Coffee, and the Shelf. We loved doing homework together and chatting about life. Sometimes, we would order coffee before an afternoon class, or we would order lunch and eat it on the shelf. In these times, I realized that I found my community at LSTC.

What was the most meaningful class you took?

I’ve enjoyed my classes at LSTC, and they have helped form me into the person who I am today. The class that I often reflect on is Dr. Wickware’s James Cone class. This class helped me really learn more about the effects of systemic racism in our country. It opened my eyes to a part of American history that society doesn’t talk about. I’m very grateful for this class, and it has changed my theology in many ways.

How did you feel supported during your seminary journey? Were you the recipient of any major scholarships? What communities or people uplifted you during your studies?

I was blessed to have a good scholarship from LSTC. My home congregation, Edgebrook Lutheran Church, blessed me with enough money to help cover tuition and housing costs. I’m very grateful for the support I have received from LSTC and Edgebrook. Without their support, I would not have been able to afford seminary.

What are your post-graduation plans?

My post-graduation dream would be to one day start a church for the homeless population in a major city. I have such a passion for working with those who are unhoused, and I hope to bring the good news to them. I’m not sure what this will look like, but I know that God has it figured out.

How did LSTC shape you as a future leader of the public church?

The LSTC community has helped me deconstruct many harmful views about Christianity that I once held to be true. This deconstruction has helped me see God’s grace and love in a new way. This has shaped the way I preach and will help guide whatever church I end up in. I’m grateful for my time at LSTC and for all of the help and support I have gotten along the way.

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