LSTC Student Spotlight 2023

Portrait of Mia Federmann

Mia Federmann

Master of Divinity
Stuttgart, Germany

What made you choose LSTC? 

What I like about LSTC is how it combines academic education and lived spirituality and faith. For the last 4 years of studying theology in Germany I developed my love for academics, especially systematic theology, religious study and philosophy. But I forgot that what I learned also affects myself. I hope that I find a good balance between both at LSTC. Additionally, I believe that the big international community at LSTC is enriching – in academics and of course as well when it comes to ministry, spirituality and faith.

What people and communities helped you to get here?

My home church and my scholarship informed me about the option to study at LSTC as an exchange student. 

What do you hope to learn during your time at LSTC? 

I‘m curious to learn about Lutheranism in America, since my university in Germany focuses on the roots of Lutheranism but not that much on how it developed elsewhere. I‘m also looking forward to learning about an American–or, to consider the international community, let‘s say a non-German style of preaching and ministry. In addition, I am really hoping to learn about a diverse systematic theology(s) and more generally theological intersectionality.

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