President James Nieman Announces Retirement from LSTC

Last week, President James Nieman has announced his retirement from LSTC, effective at the end of this calendar year. Having served since May 2012, Nieman’s tenure has been marked by significant achievements and steadfast leadership.

Reflecting on his time at LSTC, Nieman expressed deep gratitude for the support and dedication of the school community. “To be entrusted with such duties has been an honor,” he said. “From the very first day, this has been a team effort. It’s hard to summarize all we have accomplished together.”

In his message, Nieman extended a heartfelt thanks to the LSTC community for their commitment and kindness. “It has been a complex joy to labor alongside such passionate persons, and I am thankful for our several friendships, collaborations, and memories,” he said.

Under Nieman’s leadership, LSTC navigated periods of uncertainty, refined its operations, and improved staffing. The community weathered the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully relocated to a new campus, and deepened its commitment to diversity and antiracism.

Now, the school is adapting to the changing landscape of education, expanding online learning, and growing its ecumenical and global presence. 

“We’ve also stumbled along the way, but as we faced each challenge directly, we emerged stronger,” Nieman noted. “I am so grateful that our school is now well-positioned to face whatever lies ahead.”

Nieman believes that now is the right moment for a leadership transition, emphasizing the need for new imagination and innovation to embrace future opportunities and challenges. He assured the community that he remains dedicated to LSTC in the months ahead, focusing on ongoing plans and projects. “With you in that common task yet again, I will ever cherish my call in this remarkable community,” he concluded.

President Nieman also expressed confidence in the school’s readiness for change, highlighting the Board of Directors’ established succession policy, which will guide the search for LSTC’s next leader. 

During executive session, LSTC Board of Directors accepted the news from President Nieman and expressed their gratitude to Nieman for his service. Members of the board  are now planning to review the existing succession policy and will share its plan for next steps with the LSTC community as they are finalized. Stay tuned for regular updates about the leadership transition at LSTC.

Watch President Nieman’s announcement here.

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