LSTC Graduate Spotlight 2023

Headshot of Sharai Jacob

Sharai Jacob


What is your favorite memory of your time at LSTC?

Studying with friends, getting Boba Tea between classes, visiting Chinatown.

What was the most meaningful class you took?

So many classes were meaningful! I really loved learning about the Desert Fathers, the Psalms, and the Theology of James Cone. Those classes helped me to grow in my understanding of scripture and myself.

How did you feel supported during your seminary journey? Were you the recipient of any major scholarships? What communities or people uplifted you during your studies?

My first year of seminary was a difficult time, but I felt and still feel really uplifted by my friends and professors at LSTC. When I had bed bugs they supported me with tea, visits, offers to advocate for me, and invitations into their homes. When the pandemic came, I felt supported by them through study zoom meetings and encouraging texts.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I’d like to get a call and be ordained as a minister of word and sacrament in the ELCA! Haha, other than that, we’ll see where the Holy Spirit leads.

How did LSTC shape you as a future leader of the public church?

LSTC shaped me through trials and joys! I learned so much more about my faith and the things I base it in. I heard my theology affirmed and challenged and built upon. I learned that there are always more perspectives, and that it doesn’t hurt to learn more about what they are. I met people I can lean on, and found resources I can reach for when I need to.

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