LSTC Student Spotlight 2023

Portrait of Tobias Friedlein

Tobi Friedlein

Non-degree seeking student (exchange student, here for ten months)
Windsbach, Germany

What made you choose LSTC? 

I chose LSTC because my teacher recommended LSTC and I´m excited to see the city of Chicago.

What people and communities helped you to get here?

My teacher helped me with organizing my trip and when I came to Chicago, Kornelius and Miriam (fellow LSTC students, also from Germany) helped me to arrive and set up the furniture in my apartment.

What do you hope to learn during your time at LSTC? 

I hope to learn a lot of practical skills at LSTC. Because the studies in Germany are more theoretical, but here I’m doing two practical courses about preaching and environmental justice this term.

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