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The Seminex Conference offers a variety of attendance options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of participants. For those eager to engage in the conference’s vibrant atmosphere in person, the “Attending – In Person” package is available at $200. This option allows for live interactions, hands-on experiences, and immersion in the on-site energy of the event.

Alternatively, the “Attending – Asynchronous” package is priced at $150, providing flexibility for participants to access conference content at their own pace. This option accommodates individual schedules and allows for a more personalized engagement with the material.

For those seeking the convenience of virtual participation, the “Attending – Virtually” package is a cost-effective option at $100. Attendees can join the conference April 16-18  from the comfort of their own space.

Beyond the core conference experience, attendees have the opportunity to partake in social engagements with dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday. The “Dinner on Tuesday” option, priced at $75, offers a chance for networking and camaraderie over a delightful meal. Additionally, the “Dinner on Wednesday” option is priced at $35.

Whether attending in person, opting for asynchronous learning, or joining virtually, participants can tailor their experience based on their preferences and constraints. The additional dinner options further enhance the overall conference experience, fostering community engagement and networking opportunities.

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