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If you’re looking for an expert in the area of theology, we invite you to visit our Faculty and Auxiliary Faculty Directories to explore their areas of expertise.

Headshot of Candace Kohli

Candace Kohli

  • Luther and the sixteenth-century Reformations
  • Lutheran theology
  • Systematic and historical theology 
  • Socio-cultural impact and relevance of theology historically 
  • Medieval Scholastic and Nominalist theology
  • Theological anthropology
  • Pneumatology
  • Political theology
  • Distance learning initiatives
Headshot of Esther Menn

Esther Menn

  • Biblical narratives of hope and courage through times of crisis 
  • Race, ethnicity and the Bible 
  • Jewish-Christian relations 
  • First-century Judaism as background for the New Testament 
  • World Christianity
Headshot of Brooke Petersen

Brooke Petersen

  • Pastoral theology 
  • Religious trauma 
  • Clinical counseling 
  • Religion and psychology 
  • Faith, wellness and mental health 
  • Ritual studies
Headshot of Barbara Rossing

Barbara Rossing

  • Apocalypse, Revelation, New Testament 
  • Archaeology 
  • Church and society 
  • Ecology 
  • Sexuality 
  • Peace and justice
Headshot of Mark Swanson

 Mark Swanson

  • Christian faith and religious diversity 
  • The history of Christianity in Egypt; Middle Eastern Christianity; Christian Arabic studies 
  • Global Christianity (and the global Christian presence in North America) 
  • The history of Christian spirituality (early Egyptian asceticism: the so-called desert fathers and mothers.) 
  • Special expertise: “Cataloguing Arabic Manuscripts.” “Explaining Christian Faith in 13th-Century Egypt.” (see publication list) 
  • Buddhist diversity — in Southeast Asia, and in U.S. cities (Chicago, Austin; a sabbatical project led to Buddhist temples) 
  • The immigration history of Chicago neighborhoods as seen through their church buildings, especially on the South Side; places like Englewood or West Roseland, 
    Religious buildings of Chicago.
Headshot of Linda E. Thomas

Linda Thomas 

  • Church and Society 
  • Sexuality and Theology 
  • Black Theology/Womanist Theology 
  • Theological Anthropology and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement 
  • Theologies of the Body 
  • Critical Race Theory  
  • The IDI Continuum  
  • Decolonial Methodologies 
  • Contemporary Constructive Theologies 
Headshot of Peter Vethanayagamony

Peter Vethanayagamony

  • History of Christian Mission
  • Missiology
  • Christianity in Asia
  • Modern Church History
  • Immigrant congregations in the West
Headshot of Marvin E. Wickware Jr.

 Marvin E. Wickware Jr.

  • Black Liberation Theology
  • Systematic Theology
  • Christian Ethics
  • Race and Christianity
  • U.S. American Racial Reconciliation
  • Affect Theory
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