Our Mission

Office of Marketing & Communications


The mission of the Office of Marketing and Communications at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) is to authentically and effectively communicate the transformative impact of LSTC’s mission, values, and educational offerings. We are dedicated to promoting LSTC’s commitment to academic excellence, justice, compassion, and faith in action. Through innovative marketing strategies, compelling storytelling, and effective communication channels, we fulfill our mission to elevate LSTC’s presence, inspire engagement, and amplify the collective impact of our community as we work together to address the urgent challenges of our world.

Our mission is to:

  • Amplify LSTC’s Voice: We strive to amplify LSTC’s voice as a leading institution in theological education by showcasing the unique contributions of our faculty, students, and alumni. Through strategic storytelling and compelling content, we communicate the distinctiveness of LSTC’s programs, research, and initiatives to our diverse audiences.
  • Cultivate a Vibrant Community: We aim to cultivate a vibrant and engaged community within and beyond LSTC. By fostering clear and effective communication channels, we facilitate connections, promote dialogue, and encourage collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where diverse voices are heard and valued.
  • Build Strong Partnerships: We actively seek to build strong partnerships and collaborations with local communities, denominational bodies, and other institutions. Through strategic marketing and communication initiatives, we foster relationships that enhance LSTC’s visibility, impact, and reach, ultimately creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and mutual enrichment.
  • Enhance LSTC’s Reputation: We are committed to enhancing LSTC’s reputation as a center of theological excellence, social justice advocacy, and spiritual formation. By effectively communicating our values, achievements, and impact, we contribute to the recognition and respect LSTC deserves as an institution that shapes compassionate and visionary leaders.
  • Inspire Action and Engagement: We strive to inspire action and engagement among our audiences. By sharing stories of LSTC’s transformative education and its real-world impact, we motivate individuals to join us in pursuing justice, compassion, and meaningful change in their communities and beyond.
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