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Office of Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing & Communications at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) offers a range of communications and marketing services aimed at promoting LSTC’s mission, programs, events, and achievements and designed to enhance LSTC’s visibility, reputation, and engagement with various stakeholders.

Our goal is to effectively communicate LSTC’s transformative impact and engage with diverse audiences, both within and beyond the LSTC community. We strive to inspire individuals to join us in our pursuit of justice, compassion, and transformative leadership in the world.

Our communications and public relations services include:

Strategic Communication Planning

We work closely with LSTC stakeholders to develop strategic communication plans that align with the institution’s goals and objectives. We analyze target audiences, identify key messaging, and outline tactics to ensure consistent and impactful communication across various channels.

Content Creation

Our team of skilled writers and content creators develops compelling and engaging content to effectively communicate LSTC’s story. From website copy and blog articles to press releases and social media posts, we craft messages that resonate with our audiences and highlight the unique aspects of LSTC’s programs, faculty, students, and alumni.

Media Relations

We maintain relationships with media outlets and work to secure media coverage for LSTC’s noteworthy events, initiatives, and achievements. Our team prepares press releases, media kits, and media pitches to generate interest and promote positive media exposure for LSTC.

Media Inquiries

Please forward all media inquiries related to the seminary to Keisha Dyson in the Office of Marketing and Communications at keisha.dyson@lstc.edu. Use  MEDIA INQUIRY in all caps as the first words of the email subject line and include the topic of inquiry.

Brand Management

We ensure consistent and effective branding across all LSTC communication materials. From visual identity and logo usage to messaging guidelines, we provide support and guidance to ensure that LSTC’s brand is accurately represented and resonates with target audiences.

Social Media Management

We develop and implement social media strategies to engage with LSTC’s community and broader audiences. Through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we share compelling content, facilitate conversations, and cultivate a strong online presence that reflects the values and mission of LSTC.

Internal Communications

We facilitate effective internal communication within the LSTC community, ensuring that faculty, staff, and students are informed about important updates, events, and opportunities. Through email newsletters, intranet platforms, and other channels, we foster a sense of community, collaboration, and engagement.

Crisis Communication

In times of crisis or during sensitive situations, we provide guidance and support in developing effective communication strategies to address challenges and mitigate potential reputational risks. Our team works closely with LSTC leadership to ensure timely and transparent communication with stakeholders.

Event Planning and Promotion

We plan and promote LSTC’s events, conferences, lectures, and workshops through various channels to attract attendees and generate excitement. From event listings on the website to targeted email campaigns and social media promotion, we ensure maximum visibility and engagement for LSTC’s events.

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