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The primary work of CCME is to foster and deepen relations between Christians and Muslims, and in doing so, make significant contributions to the larger purpose of promoting peace and building bridges of mutual understanding, cooperation and respect among people of all faiths.

April – Holy Day Convergence
This April, a number of religions’ holy days (Ramadan, Passover, Easter, and Vaisakhi) overlap for the first time since 1991, meaning that many Muslims, Jews, Christians, Baha’i, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, and others will simultaneously be observing their spring holy days. This is an incredible opportunity to come together to educate our communities and shape the public narrative about what it means to live well together amidst our religious and cultural diversity and difference. A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice (CCME), along with several interfaith partners, invites the community to recognize the coming together of events in the following ways:

  • Creative expressions: Make a sculpture or painting; write a song, story, poem, or reflection to bring the significance of these sacred moments to life. Send your creative expressions to ccme@lstc.edu.
  • Op-Ed Campaign: Shoulder to Shoulder is a national multifaith coalition of religious denominations and faith-based organizations committed to countering and preventing anti-Muslim discrimination and violence in the United States. At a time when our nation is polarized and heading into already heated election cycles, Shoulder to Shoulder invites people across the nation to recommit to our ideals of religious freedom and religious pluralism. Join in spreading the message, shaping the narrative, and influencing our communities toward this greater vision by sharing your own opinion piece and having it placed in your local news outlet, newsletter, blog, public speeches, or sermon. For help in making this happen, review our Spring 2022 Messaging Campaign — The Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign. This guide outlines topline messaging suggestions and step-by-step ways of sharing the message.
  • Interfaith Iftar Dinner: You are invited to join the Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice (CCME), alongside several community organizations and religious institutions, for music, presentations, and dinner on Saturday, April 23 at 6:45 p.m. The event will be held in person at TASC, 501 Midway Drive in Mount Prospect, IL 60056 and will be livestreamed on YouTube. Sara Trumm, director of the CCME, will be a featured speaker. Register in advance of April 20 here. Review and share the event flier today!
  • Trolley Tour:Chicago area folks are invited to join the Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice, along with several area theological institutions and interfaith groups, on a trolley ride through the Hyde Park neighborhood on the afternoon of April 24. We will visit several sacred spaces, learn about April holy days as well as the collaborative interfaith work in the community, and end with an iftar meal. Registration opens April 1 at this weblink. You can see our full announcement here. Review and share the event flier today!
  • Interfaith Calender: The Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago puts together an Interfaith Calendar each year. See the list and summary of April holidays from that calendar, as written by area religious leaders.

For an up-to-date listing of CCME (and related LSTC-supported) programs and events, you may also visit our Events page.


  • Class offerings by Christian and Muslim faculty and with Christian and Muslim students (including international seminars and local exposure)
  • Faculty guidance for PhD students
  • Interfaith emphasis study program for Masters students
  • Bi-annual Mosque visits
  • Public church fellows in Muslim and interfaith settings
  • Lectures, presentations, conferences and seminars

NOTE: If you are interested in study at LSTC in its interfaith academic programs, please contact our admissions staff at admissions@lstc.edu.


  • Adult forums or other educational programs on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations
  • Creative arts programs, including music, theater, exhibits, and cinematic experiences
  • Community meals and other social gatherings
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Social justice advocacy, service and action opportunities


  • Chaplaincy Workshop: Spiritual Care of Muslim Patients: CCME has partnered with local chaplains and health care faciltiies to provide a practical two-day workshop for non-Muslim chaplains to learn about and gain confidence in working with Muslim patients and families facing illness or death.
  • Faith Over Fear Training to Address Islamophobia: Together with the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign located in Washington DC, we have participated in and hosted these trainings which aim to reduce and to counter anti-Muslim bias, discrimination, and violence in the United States by working with faith and community leaders to improve skills to speak against anti-Muslim rhetoric and discrimination and build stronger local multi-religious networks.
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