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Kathie Baker
Project Coordinator for the 3-year Lilly grant, Pathways to Lower Debt 773-256-0756
Patricia A. Bartley
Registrar 773-256-0717
William H. Beermann
Catalog Librarian, JKM Library 773-256-0736
Bob Berridge
Vice President for Operations 773-256-0783
Jan Boden
Director, Communications and Marketing 773-256-0744
Elaine Bonner
Access Services Manager, JKM Library 773-256-0732

Scott Chalmers
Dean of Student Services 773-256-0685

Aaron Copley-Spivey
Associate Director of Human Resources and Housing, Title IX Coordinator 773-256-0771
Patti DeBias
Assistant to the President 773-256-0728
Kenesa Debela
Director of Information Technology Services 773-256-0716
Ruth Ann Deppe
Part time Administrative Assistant, Advancement Office 773-256-0712
Willem B. Drees
Editor, Zygon Journal of Religion and Science
Robert Eder
Vice President for Finance 773-256-0784
Kimberley Ferguson


Jeff Fitzkappes
Teaching and Learning Technologist 773-256-0758
Kate Fitzkappes
Director of Financial Aid 773-256-0726
David Glover
Editorial Assistant Zygon Journal, Project Administrator, ZCRS 773-256-0767
Keith Hampton
Cantor to the Seminary Community 773-256-0799 
Akeem Haywood
Prep Cook, Food Services, The Refectory
Elmer Henderson
Watchperson Coordinator, Front Desk
Barry Hopkins
Associate Librarian for Public Services, JKM Library 773-256-0738
Cheryl Hoth
Assistant to the Dean & Vice President for Academic Affairs 773-256-0721
Jessica P. Houston
Assistant Vice President for Advancement 773-256-0697
Michael Huckelberry
Director, Building Services
Matthew James
Director of Admissions 773-256-0727
Burmaa Kaylin
Tech Services Assistant, JKM 773-256-0731

Katie Croft Lubeck
Advanced Studies Program Coordinator
International Student Administrator 773-256-0745
Mitch McCullough
Watchperson, Front Desk
Jason McGovern
Web and Media Manager, Communications and Marketing Office  
James Nieman
President 773-256-0728
Marilyn Olson
Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement 773-256-0690
Scott Pachowicz
Assistant Director of Building Services - Renovation/Upgrade
Cheryl Stewart Pero
Director, Multicultural Center 773-256-0760
Jennifer Powell
Director, Food Services, The Refectory 773-256-0710
Emilie Pulver
Special Projects Librarian, JKM 773-256-0730
Nate Ramsey
Accountant, Finance Office 773-256-0715
Pedro Rodriguez
Line Cook, Food Services, The Refectory
Carmen Rollins
Controller, Finance Office 773-256-0779
David Scott
Donor and Stewardship Relations, Advancement 773-256-0710
Marji Shannon
Associate Director, Field Education 773-256-0746
Lawrence Sodeinde
Staff Accountant 773-256-0742
Harvard Stephens Jr.
Pastor of Community and Dean of the Chapel 773-256-0700
Martha Stocker
Software Support Administrator 773-256-0719
Jennifer Thomas
Gift Officer, Advancement 913-269-9825
Sara Trumm
Program Coordinator, A Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice

Debra Van Der Molen
Assistant Editor, Zygon Journal 773-256-0671
Mark Van Scharrel
Vice President, Advancement 773-256-0676
Clyde Walter
Campaign Director and Major Gift Officer, Advancement 773-256-0714
Laura Wilhelm
Executive for Administration, Assessment and Planning, Office of the President 773-256-0741
Rob Worley
Director, Language Resource and Writing Center 773-256-0707
Christine Yucha
Recruiter 773-256-0694
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