Previous Strategic Plans

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

For a long time, LSTC has been committed to forming leaders in community, for community. It is on that very basis we had the poise to attend to current concerns in our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, appropriately titled for such a time as this.

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Our 2018-2020 Strategic plan mapped the process for LSTC to be a community to form leaders to form community.

This strategic plan was based on our belief that our communities cannot be restored without leaders who are able to nurture the gifts of those who gather, organize them for shared purpose, and guide them in a sustained vision.

2014-2017 Strategic Plan

Our 2014-2017 Strategic plan was driven by a vision for a more public church.

This strategic plan was based on our belief that by preparing visionary leaders who nurture the gifts of all of God’s people, faith communities are better equipped for a more credible, gracious and effective witness to the gospel.

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